• fredrikkellermann Jun 11, 2013

    Burt June Update by fredrikkellermann


    Summer has finally arrived and we’re busy improving our offering for publishers. We are excited to announce that we’ve been certified as a KIA-Index measurement provider.

    Very soon we will be announcing a new product that will solve the “big” data challengethat modern publishers face. Stay tuned for more information shortly!

    Product News

    As part of our endless commitment to make tools for everyone in the publisher value chain, we have continued to refine our products and make important changes and enhancements based on customer feedback. Below is a short summary.

    Burt for KIA. We have introduced a new app that provides an overview of the data reported to KIA and enables publishers to compare important metrics across sites.

    Campaign Reporting. Our upgraded Campaign Reporting app enables customers to benchmark campaigns compared with their own site(s) or against the network average. The new tools includes key ad performance metrics such as viewable and engagement rate, click-through rate, and more. It also displays more comprehensive ad reporting in a more compact and easier to read layout. And we’re improving performance for customers tracking 10,000+ campaigns with Burt.

    Time Series. Added possibility to view placements across categories combinations and unique visitors per device type.

    Recommended Reading

  • iconara May 28, 2013

    High scalability at Tumblr and Burt by iconara

    Because of Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr, High Scalability had a blog post about the architecture behind the billion dollar blog platform. It’s apples and oranges but we thought some of the numbers they wrote about looked very similar:

    • Tumblr serves 500 million pageviews per day, and Burt tracks about the same number of pageviews and ad impressions
    • Their peak request rate is around 40K/s, ours isn’t very far behind.
    • Their analytics system processes a terabyte of data every day and so do we!

    Congrats to the acquisition guys!

  • srdan Mar 22, 2013

    Testing, testing … Crystal Ball by srdan

    A part of gathering all the data and crunching it is also to be able to make assumptions on future trends. So here’s and idea how we could visualize those predictions. Given the past four weeks, how should next week’s pageviews look like - hour by hour.


    You’d be able to quickly answer questions such as: What’s the number of pageviews, exposures you’ll be able to serve, as well as predict worst and best case scenarios…

  • srdan Mar 14, 2013

    From our Innovation Corner: Take the Tour by srdan

    We’re flirting with the idea of creating tour guides for our apps. Here’s an example how it could look like for our Campaign Reporting app. Take it right away or pick it up at some other point when you have time.


    You forget things, right? Everyone does. The viewable-active-visible-durational-collegial-clustered-megaflips. ..per second? Huh.. How’s that important, again?

    We do try to avoid confusing and un-actionable metrics, but we also release new apps all the time. This’d be a good way of getting quickly (re-)acquainted. 

  • srdan Mar 11, 2013

    From our Innovation Corner: Placement Monitoring by srdan

    View all your placements at a glance, drag them around, pinch and spread to get deeper insights using your mobile, tablet or computer.


    This view emphasises only the most significant about your placements. Viewing it as rows in a table can draw your focus away from what’s important - just because you can see and sort placements by number of clicks doesn’t necessarily make it the only way you should look at it. Colour coded in positive green for your best performing placements and alarming red for those that might need more of your attention. Quickly choose placement  of your interest and get more data by pinch and spread. Easy peasy.

  • vonsydow Mar 1, 2013

    Design for Appraisal: Introducing the Burt Designer Suite by vonsydow

    When it comes to advertising, we at Burt abide a simple but time proven and effective philosophy:  if consumers like what they see in an ad, it will work. If they don’t, it most likely won’t. 

    Most adtech companies base their business on the notion that powerful algorithms can deliver — say it with me now – the right ad, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time - and that’s all they need to do.  We, on the other hand, believe ad placement is only part of the challenge and if digital advertising is to be successful, there needs to be as much focus on the non-technical function of design as on the technical issue of inventory.  That idea was the original inspiration behind Burt Designer Suite.

  • vajna Feb 14, 2013

    Just Released for Pubs Only: Network Monitoring by vajna

    Media owners we work with often own several sites. While they usually want to optimize every site as separate entity there is also a need to have an overview over entire business they own.

    In other words our starting point solving this problem was to provide media owners with an overview of different sites and easy comparisons between them without digging too deep into details.

  • srdan Feb 5, 2013

    More news at the Burt.hub - the Audience Disovery app by srdan

    We know all there is to know about your demographics. It’s been a part of our major apps for a long time. You want to know who saw your advertisers’ campaign? We got you covered. What’s the age distribution for people visiting this webpage or a certain category? Not a problem. You have all the information already there, but it isn’t very accessible and it requires a lot of manual labor to dig out, polish and present. The things get further complicated if you have multiple sites. 

    How do you know which combination of sites is seen by your advertisers’preferred audience? And how many were they? You’d have to have some sort of tool that analyses demographics across your sites and then lets you combine sites and calculate reach and affinity(*) for your advertisers’ audience and tells you how many impressions you’d need to book. Preferably in real-time, while you have your customer on the phone, right? 

  • vajna Jan 28, 2013

    Just Released in the Burt.hub: Awesome Time Series App by vajna

    We just introduced a brand new app to our Burt.hub family and we thought we’d share some thoughts and deliver some background to this sweet new analytics ride. 

    We always strive to make our apps simple, fun and beautiful. And relevant. Relevant - that’s a huge part of it. And it’s a lot harder that it seems. We collect these vast oceans of data and then we filter and process and crunch and analyze until what we’ve got is as potent as Uranium-235 and means something to our customers. Then we wrap it all up nicely and make it fast and intuitive to discover and consume. Great success!

    In doing so, however, we end up with a lot of good data getting overlooked. We had built a system we used internally for a couple of months to see trends and figure our differences across various dimensions over time when one of our more active customers came to visit and got blown away. He’d loved our other apps and our approach thus far, but this was something else. He could see all sorts of uses for our little tool and demanded we’d give to him.

    We didn’t.

    Thing is, you can say a lot about Burt but damnit we don’t do anything half-arsed. We do it right, or we don’t do it at all.

    So we sent him home and told him to keep a keen eye towards the skies in the west. We proceeded ripping the tool apart, making it faster, more flexible, hotter and added vitals such as excel export, hourly-, daily-, weekly-, monthly- rollups, freely selected time-spans, device type separation and just maxing it all out.

    Check out the video below. Not bad a start, ey? We’ve got great plans for the app and will add additional data-sources and other improvements continuously. And as we always say for all of our apps - they really come to life when you put some real chunky data in there =)

    Want to see more and play around with you own data? Get in touch with my super friendly colleague Daniel Alman at alman@burtcorp.com and he’ll hook you up.

  • vajna Dec 27, 2012

    New years’ resolutions, summaries, trend predictions and yearly round ups are just as much a part of December as are Christmas decorations. Every year there is a lot of talk on how mobile, or tablet for that matter, will completely revolutionize the marketing playground and in this upcoming year this REALLY will break through. Of course the mobile platforms and hugely increased amount of users and devices has changed the game but not as closely as to what “trend spotters” have been predicting. Let us offer some thoughts of our own in the anticipation of turning yet another year.

    To share Burt CEOs, Gustav von Sydows thoughts:
    “When it comes to strategic approaches it is rather critical for marketers to analyse and better understand their entire online footprint, from how their prospective customers interact with video, display, integrated marketing etc. to how to build a stronger relationship with their existing customer base thru social media, mobile, email and ecommerce.”